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Blohm Jewelers has been Northeastern Nevada’s diamond and jewelry source since 1941. We specialize in fine brilliant diamonds. As an Antwerp Diamond Broker, we make it our mission to satisfy you when you are searching for that perfect diamond. We will go halfway around the world to hand-select the right diamond for you.

As a family business, we take pride in our work from the jewelers bench to the showroom. We are here with you from start to finish in your diamond buying adventure and will not be satisfied until you receive exactly the treasure you’re looking for.

We also carry a wide variety of gold and gemstone designs and provide expert repairs on all your jewelry needs, including watch repairs and giftware for every occasion.

Why purchase from a Master IJO Jeweler?

  • Confidence ~ As a Master IJO Jeweler, we adhere strictly to the following values to give you the confidence you need to make the right jewelry selection and purchase.
  • Trust ~ We earn your trust based on the Integrity, Honesty and Expertise we deliver through our hometown service.
  • Integrity ~ As a Master IJO Jeweler, we adhere to an ethical code of conduct and best business practices.
  • Honesty ~ We are sincere and truthful about the information and pricing of the fine jewelry we sell in our store.
  • Expertise ~ Our combination of experience, skill and knowledge is a quality we bring to help you make a confident jewelry purchase.

We value you and your business! We look forward to serving you. Thank you for your patronage.


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